Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Commissioning work

Thank you for commissioning The Business Card Company to design and/or print your job. We will undertake the design work as requested and submit a proof to you. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, jobs do not proceed to print. This cannot be helped but please be advised that should this occur, you are liable for payment of the design work that has been completed up to that time. Our studio rates are $90/hr (minimum $45). Likewise, cancellation fees apply to work that has already been sent to print.

2. Proof Reading is your responsibility
Electronic proofs are submitted for signoff by the client prior to printing. The Business Card Company is not responsible for any errors that are not picked up on the proof. Reprint fees apply to jobs that must be repeated due to not correctly checking the proof form. Reprints must be within 7 days of delivery of original order.

We are not responsibile for errors in third party supplied artwork. We charge $90/hr pro rata (min $23) to fix any artwork supplied outside our requirements.

3. Colour matching

Colours on the final print can and will vary from proofs viewed on a monitor and from old print to new print. Artwork viewed on-screen or via a hard copy digital print out are not a true indication of the finished result and can only be used as a guide. Reviewing a proof on your computer screen will show an approximation of the colour being printed as monitors use RGB format.

The Business Card Company and The Business Print Company use CMYK 4 colour process and, for specific jobs, digital presses.  Different printing processes will deliver varying results, as will the material being printed on. Your office/home printer will not produce the same result as our presses. Inaccuracies caused by inconsistent viewing conditions, colour perception and many other variables are to be expected and will be considered acceptable.

4. Supplying your own artwork

We welcome you to supply your print ready artwork. It should be supplied as one (1) PDF file (multi-page where appropriate) with 3mm (min) bleed and trim marks included. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any images supplied to us are print quality (300dpi) and that they do not breach copyright.

Artwork must be in the correct colour profile (CMYK) and must match our quote (eg size and whether 1 side print or 2 side print). Fonts must be outlined. Text and key objects should not be placed within 3mm of the trim edge, this is known as the safety zone and carries a 1mm margin of error. Where artwork is placed within the safety zone there is a risk of it being trimmed off. We strongly advise against the use of narrow borders on artwork for the same reason. The Business Card Company is not responsible from errors printed using artwork that is not supplied correctly.

5. Payment

Payment in full is required before a job will be printed. We will issue you with an invoice that can be paid online via Stripe.

6. Turnaround

Production schedules are pre-determined and vary according to stock, print method and finishing options. As a rough guide, standard stationery, brochures or cards will usually be turned around within 5 working days. Specialty stocks and finished may take a bit longer. Your Account Manager can give you a more specific estimate.

7. Delivery

The Business Card Company uses couriers for all deliveries.  We can estimate your delivery day but we cannot guarantee it as we do not control the courier schedules. We are not responsible for late deliveries. Where a client authorises a courier to leave goods unattended The Business Card Company will not be held responsible for issues arising from left deliveries.

8. Returns/faults

In the unlikely event that printed goods are faulty the procedure is as follows. 1). Notify us in writing of the fault and allow us time to work out how the problem occurred. 2). If the fault is due to our error The Business Card Company reserves the right to rectify the print job within our standard print schedule. We do not issue refunds.

9. Copyright/intellectual property ownership

Copyright of CLIENT LOGOS designed by The Business Card Company belongs to the client once they are finalised and paid for.

Where we are asked to prepare and supply client logo files electronically (ie. those not designed by us) a time and supply fee of $45+gst is payable prior to supply.

All artwork designed by The Business Card Company is our intellectual property, the printed output is owned by the client. We reserve the right to charge ($500) for any original design requested in its foundation design format (Illustrator/InDesign).

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